Parent Reading Morning - The Cool Dudes!

This week, we had our first Parent Reading Morning!  Thank you to all the parents that attended and volunteered to read with students.  These mornings allow The Cool Dudes a chance to hear fluent reading and genuine enjoyment when reading books modeled by the adults in their lives.  Thank you for being such great role models! 

Inquiring into Making Choices

This week, The Cool Dudes brainstormed some choices that they make in their own lives to keep themselves healthy.  They also reflected about choices that they make in their lives that are unhealthy options.  

After brainstorming independently, we used the cooperative learning strategy of Give One, Get One to generate an even larger list.  This also gave us a chance to hear about the choices of other students. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving with the Cool Dudes

Today, the Cool Dudes practiced our critical thinking skills while conquering a really hard challenge!  
The Challenge:  

You and your team must draw a smiley face on the whiteboard in the middle of the circle.  

Your circle is filled with hot lava that you can't touch. 

The circle walls are huge electric fences that you can't penetrate. 

You have one roll of duct tape. 

Maybe we can throw the marker? 

Maybe we can direct it together?

Reaching in won't work! AHH! My arm! 

Working with duct tape is a sticky situation - decisions must be made carefully! 

Talking it through. 

And success! By working together and communicating clearly the movement of the marker, we were able to draw smiley faces on the whiteboard and problem solve effectively! 

Well done, Cool Dudes!

Blind Sequencing: Discovering the Writing Process

Today, students worked in groups of four to discover the writing process.  Each student received a folder which they studied.  The contents of their folders were secret and only viewed by that student.  

After students understood their folders, they had to report and summarize the contents to their group.  Based on these reports, the group put the four folders in order without looking at the contents.  

After they established the order, groups were allowed to look at each folder and make changes to their order.  Inside their folders, students found:

1. Prewriting (planning and brainstorming) 
2. Rough Draft (containing errors and first ideas for the story)
3. Edited/Revised Version (someone had corrected many mistakes on this version) 
4. Published Story (a typed and well-written story) 

In  conclusion, The Cool Dudes created our own writing process and we have begun out first stories following these steps. 

Problem Solving Like a Cool Dude

This week, we asked ourselves: "What makes a successful problem-solver?" 

We came up with some guidelines for problem-solving this year! 

As we start to set up our math notebooks, The Cool Dudes are focussing on using our notebook space wisely.  If you need to show four strategies, make sure you have four spaces allotted for your work! 

This week, we reviewed number lines and how we can use them with all four operations.  We're off to a great start in Math in Room 2022!